Bears in Space

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This planned series of short stories will be a re-imagining of Bear Wars, the short sci-fi comedy novel I wrote in middle school.

Short Summary

Boz and his goofball crew must save the galaxy from cliche alien invasions, trite zombie apocalypses, and bad rom-coms.

Synopsis for Bears in Space: Boss Bear's Cliche Alien Invasion of Bearth

BOZ BEAR is a broke bounty hunter who still lives in the basement of his mom's asteroid. When the evil BOSS BEAR kidnaps the most popular singer in the galaxy, SHAMELESS TALENTLESS COKED-UP CORPORATE SELLOUT DIVA BEAR (or just Diva Bear for short) at a time when every other bounty hunter is coincidentally busy, her agent is left with other no choice but to hire Boz to save her. With the help of BAZ "HE'S NOT GAY, JUST METRO" BEAR, BEZ "MACGYVER ON ACID" BEAR, and the beautiful-but-deadly star fighter pilot PISA "ACE" BEAR, Boz will undertake a type of "save the princess" quest fraught with sci-fi and video game cliches in order to save the planet Bearth from not-so-certain destruction.

Bears in Space is completely unlike The Bodyguard and in no way related to Pigs in Space. Here's betting Boss Bear turns out to be Boz's father.


Bears in Space takes place in an alternate universe where Ursidae (bears) evolved into the predominant sentient species. Technology has progressed to a similar level to that found in Star Wars, where space travel is taken for granted.


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Bears in Space

Boz and his goofball crew must save the galaxy from cliche alien invasions, trite zombie apocalypses, and bad rom-coms.
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