Early Works

The following is a list of old school stuff that I wrote as a wee lad between late elementary school and the end of high school. None of this material is anywhere near polished enough for publication, but many of the pieces gave rise to my current work. I include these stories on the site for the sake of novelty.


About: I wrote Crystalia in late elementary/early middle school. Somehow, it ended up being 365 pages long and took up 2 five-subject notebooks. Destalis is loosely based on Crystalia.

Princess Alura Sager must rebuild her planet and track down her missing brother amidst constant threats from the evil Prince Lutar of Vetrex.

Beyond Cloud Nine (Original)

About: I wrote the original prologue and chapter one of Beyond Cloud Nine in creative writing class in high school. My literary skills definitely improved from earlier works such as Crystalia and Bear Wars.

I was rather proud of myself for coming up with the title. It has a duel meaning. "On cloud nine" is the feeling of euphoria that fighter pilots sometimes experience during flight. There were also nine planets in the solar system prior to 2006. So, Beyond Cloud Nine means both beyond that feeling and beyond our planetary system.

Brooke Davis is a hotheaded female fighter pilot who can't stay out of trouble.

Bear Wars

About: I wrote this sci-fi comedy in middle school. Don't be fooled by the name. The story has nothing to do with Star Wars. Bear Wars is the basis for my planned series of short stories, Bears in Space.

Rozz, Rezz, Razz, and Ranz are the only space fighters capable of stopping the evil Boss Bear from conquering the galaxy.

Fight Back the Stars

About: I thought I had lost this story, but I found the old floppy disks buried in a box in the basement. I wrote FBTS story back in late middle school/early high school.

Kena Shang is one of the most skilled martial artists on her world. One night after a tournament, she discovers that her adversary doesn't share her planetary heritage.

Nova Force

About: I created this four-book, eight-part comic series in early high school. My fascination with Manga led me to draw in the Japanese Anime style.

Arista Cevash watches the alien ruler of her planet murder her mother at a young age. Eight years later, she stumbles upon the perfect means of revenge.


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Beyond Saga

Beyond Cloud Nine

BUY NOW! AVAIL NOW. Ace star fighter pilot Brooke Davis dreams of becoming the first human being to fly faster than light.
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Beyond the Horizon

BUY NOW! AVAIL NOW. Ensign Maya Davis must foil a plan to exterminate a benevolent exospecies during the first interstellar mission.
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Beyond Yesterday

BUY NOW! AVAIL NOW. Captain Maya Davis travels back in time to learn how a piece of modern tech ended up in the past.
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Beyond Existence

COMIN SOON. With the Earth conquered, Admiral Maya Davis must travel through space, time, and alternate universes to prevent mankind from being wiped out of existence.
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Future Works


Lyana, an orphaned martial artist with bio-augmented abilities, embarks on a quest to liberate her home world and prevent the fabric of the universe from unraveling.
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Bears in Space

Boz and his goofball crew must save the galaxy from cliche alien invasions, trite zombie apocalypses, and bad rom-coms.
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Goodbye, Mars

Ryssa Nilsson must avoid the deadly stings of heat-loving bugs known as thermophiles and escape Mars before the Sun's expansion sterilizes the planet.
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