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Beyond Cloud Nine Draft 4 Update

Based on recent feedback received, I've decided to write a new draft of BC9. Here is a list of the major edits:

1) Updated chapter one to provide better context regarding the solar war, better introduce Brooke, and build the story better in general. Also added more realism to the space dogfights and explained by Brooke is such a skilled pilot.

2) Added a new second chapter that introduces Marie sooner, provides background on the solar war, and shows the reader how the U.N. plans to alleviate society's problems.

3) Altered Marie's personality. Marie is no longer bubbly and flaky. While still far more upbeat than Brooke, Marie is now an unflappable journalist known for her quick wit and determination.

4) Updated the remaining intro chapters (through Brooke's escape from the water plant) to happen a little bit differently

5) The technology gap between Earth forces and the extrasolar threat is now much wider while extrasolar threat has far fewer numbers.

6) Other edits to support the above changes throughout the story.

I hope to complete these edits by early January. For now, draft 3 remains accessible to members.

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