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Sci-Fi Graphic Artist Wanted

I'm planning to e-publish and self-publish BC9 in 2014. Thus, I'm searching for a great graphic artist who can design characters, star fighters, planets, landscapes, and general sci-fi-esque scenes. My immediate needs include front and back covers for the novel as well as templates and images for my planned overhaul of

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm very picky, and I happen to think the covers of most sci-fi novels published today look ridiculously cheesy. I'm going for a feel that combines a clean, polished, and commercial look with aspects of watercolor or oil paintings. Examples include this, this, or this.

For the front cover, I envision a Starthroat rocketing away from Jupiter with part of Callisto in the foreground and an image of Brooke somehow worked in there. For the back cover, I have this mental picture of Brooke standing with her back to the onlooker in her flight armor. She has her helmet under one arm, and Maya is holding onto her opposite leg.

Update: I've identified one or two artists on who might fit my vision. More to come...

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