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BC9 Publishing Status

Here's an update on my plan to self-publish and e-publish Beyond Cloud Nine.

I completed my initial changes to the manuscript and submitted them to my editor on 4/29. She should have the line-edited manuscript back to me by 6/1, although I foresee the beginning few chapters of the story still needing work, which could delay things.

I'm also intensifying my search for a graphic artist who'll do designs for both and the book cover. I hope to have someone selected by mid-May and designs in hand by July 1. During this time, I'll be enhancing both this site and

By mid-July, I plan to have all line edits applied to the manuscript. By mid-August, I hope to have the completed manuscript in hand after proofreading is complete.

September 1 is my self-imposed deadline for self-publishing. I'll probably use a CreateSpace and Kindle Direct, but I'm still researching publishing houses.

Exciting times!

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