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Interview: BC9 Proofreader Sophie Logan

This post continues a series of interviews with the people who helped me publish Beyond Cloud Nine. Next up is Sophie Logan of Sharper Editing, the editor who proofread the novel. I asked Sophie a few questions about working on BC9, being an editor, and life in general.

What was your favorite aspect of working on Beyond Cloud Nine?

Working with texts I enjoy is always fun, and I enjoyed the protagonist, Brooke Davis, a lot. She's tough and driven, which I admire, but she also deals with incredible guilt and shame. She certainly is not a perfect woman, and does her best to be a good person amidst some difficult decisions. I like reading books about imperfect heroes, and working on this book was a treat.

We know you do amazing editing, but what else sets Sharper Editing apart from other companies provided similar services?

The motto here at Sharper Editing is "Be in service to the text." (The second motto is "Keep the cats off the printers.") As an editor, my job is to do what's best for the book--to make it the most informative or entertaining or educational text the author intends it to be.

What motivated you to become an editor?

I studied editing in college. My natural ability to nitpick make me good at it, but that I enjoyed the work. When I graduated, copy editing seemed like a good way to break into the publishing industry.

Tell me the brief story of how you formed Sharper Editing.

A friend of mine met a romance writer at a New Year Eve's party. The romance writer was looking for a new copy editor. Doing freelance work on a novel sounded exciting. My friend gave us the other's email address, and that was more or less how Sharper Editing got started.

How does life as a freelance entrepreneur differ from working for an employer (assuming you've done the latter in the past)?

Being freelance means I get to enjoy enormous freedom. I set my hours, my policies, my prices, and I get to choose the projects I work on. If I so desire, I can work at three AM in my pajamas. It means my cats get to go to the office with me every day! The trade-off is security. Freelance has no benefits, no guaranteed income, and no one to bring me clients except myself. So far I'm enjoying the freedom.

Tell me a little about your editing and proofreading process.

I consider a very important part of my job to be understanding the author's voice. Does this author prefer a formal tone? Do they use slang? Is the narrator trying to imitate a particular accent? Which swear words do they use? And just as importantly, not use? An editor's influence on a text should be unseen, and it's best achieved when the editor understands the nuances of the author's voice. If I use words that Greg wouldn't use, my influence stands out, which is not good editing.

What are your favorite book(s), author(s), and/or genre(s)?

I'm a huge fan of the urban fantasy genre, particularly the works of Ilona Andrews. Her book Bayou Moon is one of my top ten favorite books. I also love fantasy and science fiction. Some titles that stand out with me are His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman and Warchild by Karin Lowachee.

What do you when you're not working (hobbies)?

I read avidly. I also write, and my dream is to one day be a published novelist. When not reading, writing, or editing, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing the piano, and consuming large amounts of coffee.

What other projects are you working on now, if any?

Currently I'm copy editing a science fiction novel about zombies from a first-time author, which is proving to be a blast. I also proofread for the New York Review of Science Fiction, where I get to proofread love letters from science fiction fans about the books they admire.

Click the following link to learn more about the editing services that Sophie offers through her company, Sharper Editing.

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